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Executives and employees exploring ideas in AI Workshop

AI workshop: How to playfully discover the potential of generative AI in your company

An AI workshop helps companies to discover the individual potential of artificial intelligence in a playful and explorative way. The workshop provides the basis for the sustainable integration of generative AI in your company.

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Knowledge Resources

The OpenEyz AI pyramid shows the processes with the highest added value through AI

The AI pyramid: Where does AI increase value creation?

The AI pyramid shows where AI increases value creation in the company the most. Invest AI in MUST-HAVEs and GOLD-MINE at the same time.

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AI methods

Best Practice: 4 AI Methods for Enhanced Growth in Your Business

Are you looking for practical AI methods to drive more growth in your business? You can start immediately with these 4 best practices.

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Focus on AI-First in small and medium-sized enterprises

"AI First": How small and medium-sized enterprises are changing their business

A very powerful method for integrating AI into the core business of small and medium-sized companies is "AI First". And the great thing is that it's easy to get started.

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